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A Letter Calling For Resignation Of Ontario College Of Pharmacists’ Ceo And Registrar

By: James B.

Corruption In Ontario College Of Pharmacists
To Ms. Shenda Tanchak, CEO/Registrar of Ontario College of Pharmacists,

Multiple emails have been communicated, and an open letter has been published. None of them are addressed. It is either you are turning a blind eye, or you are part of the corrupt system.

1. Email about missing narcotics and prescriptions
Date: July 24, 2022

2. Data Breach of Patient Health Information regarding Cadence Health Center
Date: March 21, 2021

Email from the Investigator Sean Downey
Dated: November 26, 2020

3. Officials' with Conflict of Interest including you.

Ms. Aska Patel
  • OCP Investigations, Complaints and Resolutions Committee Chair

  • Primary Consultant of Acuvise Consultancy

Ms. Angela Bates
  • OCP Conduct Director

  • Primary Consultant of Signal Regulatory

Ms. Shenda Tanchak
  • CEO and OCP Registrar

  • Primary Consultant of Magnetic North

The Pharmacy Profession does not need a CEO/Registrar that has no knowledge of the Pharmacy Profession. On top of the questionable association with specific organizations. Your association with the Federation of Health Regulatory Colleges (FHRCO), a private organization that has a direct influence on the Professional Colleges of Ontario.

Your association with Magnetic North Consulting directly influences policy-making in regulatory organizations. Your appointment to OCP thru the Executive Board of Directors raises questions about your real intention to lead this regulatory organization.

Again, Ms. Shenda Tanchak, the members of the college and the public will not have confidence in an organization led by non-healthcare professionals. Your complicit agreement to legalize ONLINE PHARMACY without consultation with the Members of the College, Independent Pharmacy Operators, and the Members of the Public is a clear indication that you are advancing business interests.

Why are you insisting on operating an organization in which you have no background?

Spare the pharmacy profession; your job as CEO or Registrar is not an internship position that gives you the luxury of time and resources to learn on the job. It is a disservice to the Pharmacy Professionals to be led by a Non-Pharmacist or Non-Healthcare Professional.

I am respectfully asking for your resignation. Please give way to a leader who has a pharmacy background and understands the profession.


James B.

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