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These articles aim to increase public awareness of the rampant corruption in Health Care and Regulatory Organizations. There were several attempts to silence and eliminate my content online. Here is the collection of Legal Documents, Evidence of Fraud and Corruption in our Health Care System. I will be republishing deleted content from my LinkedIn Account. 

Message to the Readers

To the Readers and Members of the Ontario College of Pharmacists,

Thank you for taking the time to read my article. It is not easy to expose and air the dirty laundry of an organization that regulates the profession to that I belong. I have contemplated the possible impact on the profession as a whole.


Before I decided to publish my story, I reached out multiple times to the Ontario College of Pharmacists officials via email. However, despite my best efforts to have a TRANSPARENT, FAIR  and JUST process. The officials chose to take advantage of my lack of resources. OCP retained a 3rd Party Lawyer to accomplish a fraud. The OCP tried to withhold essential documents that contained proof of wrongdoings.


I kept my silence as long as I could, but the OCP officials proceeded with their actions, and they attempted to cover up with threats of professional misconduct If I didn't comply with what they wanted. I frequently quoted in my emails the OCP core values: INTEGRITY, TRANSPARENCY and ACCOUNTABILITY, as a reminder for them.


I was left with no choice but to make the issue public. I have reached out to news media outfits to give the story. It seems like big news media outfits will not publish stories related to government corruption.


There is a big reason why the College wants to silence me and destroy my credibility. These are all related to the DATA BREACH OF PERSONAL HEALTH INFORMATION in Cadence Health Center that involves a very influential doctor.


As a PHARMACIST, this is my nature that any information that I provide to the public must be supported by evidence. All my claims are supported by documents and evidence. The only weapon I have to protect myself is the TRUTH.




James B.

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